Complianty is an online SaaS platform.
We organize your company's information and brand identity through:

Manage your brand on SoMe with predefined templates

Produce local and compliant branding materials on SoMe

Send and receive data and images tailored to fit your system

Get a complete overview of your campaigns

What is Complianty?

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How Complianty works

One central platform

When you use Complianty you get one central platform for your information and your brand. 

Predefined channels
With your custom-made platform, you can now post on predetermined channels.
Consistent branding material

And voila! You get your branding material adapted so that it is both brand-compliant and has a local touch.

Easy integration with existing PIM and DAM systems

Our solutions make sure that you get the features known from PIM and DAM systems, so that your brand appears compliant and your information stays organized.

Whether your company uses one or several PIM and/or DAM systems, Complianty’s solutions are designed to integrate with your own systems.

If your company has its own custom-made system, our solutions can adapt to your digital files. In this way, all administration – from marketing materials to product information – can take place on one single platform.

In addition to PIM and DAM systems, Complianty can also interact with other systems such as ERP-systems.