Data Connection

Data Connection

Send and receive data and images tailored to fit your system
Customized interface


We ensure that you get an interface that matches your company, which makes your employees feel safe when they have to make a post on SoMe or order in-store materials. Through Stylesheet, we create an interface customized to your and your employees’ needs.

Connecting internal and external systems


We are using custom API solutions in your system so that your system can interact with other software programs both internally and externally such as your partners, customers, suppliers.  We can also get your ERP system to talk to your customers' ERP system (SAP, Navision, etc.). 

Send your templates in the correct format


We ensure that you always send your templates in the correct format. This ensures your company to keep a compliant brand across social media platforms and when you order in-store materials.

Receive data and images tailored to fit your system


When you receive data and images ecternally, we help you with an API solution so these are automatically included in your templates and your employees avoid manual labor.

Centralizing your digital files


Via functions from DAM and PIM systems, we help your company to centralize all your files. In that way, your employees will not be in doubt about where to find your digital files. 

Unorganized digital files


If you don’t already have an existing database for your digital files, we can provide an overview of your files, making it easier to manage them.  







This is how Data Connection works

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