Data Conversion

Data conversion is not at all as advanced as it may sound. When we say that we are converting your data, we simply mean that we enable your data to talk to other data. This could be data from your suppliers or your customers. 

To provide examples of why this could be relevant to you, you can read more below:

Avoid time-consuming ordering


Take an example: You are a retailer with an online store, that sells different interior pieces from different brands. The way you stock up on your products is very traditional. You send your order list to each supplier each time you want to place an order. 


Each supplier then enters the order manually into their system, and once it has been completed, they send you the invoiceIt is easier said than done because sometimes things like miscommunication, discrepancies between product numbers/names and out-of-stock products become unavoidable. Along with this comes a lot of correspondences, which leads to the loss of valuable working hours.


But don’t worry Complianty got your back! Complianty offers customised solutions, that optimise ordering processes. What Complianty does is to place a custom API between you and your supplier(s) and ensure that your order is converted into a format that your supplier(s) software system can easily read. 


It not only saves you and your suppliers time but also reduces human error. With Complianty, it becomes easier to work together across different systems. 


Avoid inefficient billing processes

Take an example: You are a company with HQ in Copenhagen and multiple retail stores located throughout Europe. Your store in Aarhus stocks up on a specific item. In comes the problem. The respective supplier from whom the goods are purchased is confused as to who to send the invoice. The HQ, the store Aarhus or to a third store?


Once it is identified that store Aarhus is the billing address, the invoice has to be entered manually in the system, and a copy has to be sent to the HQ for control. Complianty can help you streamline all these time-consuming – and redundant – processes.  


What Complianty can do for you is to create an API, that allows your employees to order products through an internal system. This system ensures, that when an employee places an order, his/her information such as ID-number, title, department, etc.are pushed with the specific order, and that an automatic invoicing takes place at the responsible unit.


It is possible, because from the start it is predeterminedwho will receive them. Through such optimisation, you save hours of manual work and invoicing errors. 


We tailor our solutions to fit your needs and problems. If this caught your interest, click and try our free demo.