Brand compliance

As companies grow, it becomes more challenging to keep communication visually brand consistent, especially on social medias. 


Complianty Complianty this problem and and a solution, that saves you both time and resources spent on searching and editingBesides, we make it easierto the manage that brand material and marketingefforts. 

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Brand compliant across media channels


Maintaining a brand-consistent look across media channels is also an area that some companies are struggling with. Complianty can help you with this also.


When a respective employee in your company has to post something on social media, what Complianty does is to give him/her the tools, guidelines and criteria needed to produce content that lives up to the company's standards. Complianty makes these tools available through a platform where employees can access and use predefined design templates for your content marketing. 


By centralising all your digital assets in one place, Complianty protect you from inconsistent layouts, fonts, colours and formats. In this way, Complianty can help your brand with more awareness og recognizability through consistent brandingmaterials. 


Brand compliant across locations


With frost one click, your employees can get access to an online brand platform, where all your digital assets are being stored and are ready to be accessed. According to PwC, the 10 most recognizable companies all have a brand, that is easily recognizable, and that is consistent across all te locations and channels, they use. 


Complianty facilitates anything, from guidline for your brand to uploading, modifying, and publishing digital assets from one central platform. This means that your company can organize and evaluate, whether your brand is consistent across different locations. The rights to change in the documents or files, can be administrated by levels.You can therefore only edit in a given file to the extent that det omfangaccess to. Admins on the platform, is responsible for the overall changes and automatically update these. The updates can vary from anything from logo, font, colour, etc.  


What this does is to ensure that your brand stays consistent whenever general changes are made – on both a global and local scale. Furthermore, the platform gives you an overview and control over whether your branding is consistent across locations. Thus, dated branding materials are also avoided. You will get consistent branding across your channels and locations. 


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