What is corporate identity?

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What is corporate identity?


Corporate identity (CI) is, in short, how a company or business presents itself to the public. It includes visual elements such as logo, tagline, colour palette, font, tone of voice, etc. CI also includes intangible elements such as company culture, values, and internal and external communication. 


Corporate identity can sometimes be confused with brand identity. The main difference between them is that a company can only have frone CI. In other words, CI is singular. However, a company may have several brand identities within the corporate umbrella. Making a clear distinction between the two will not only be valuable for larger enterprises but also SMEs. 


Corporate identity vs. company identity


The word ‘corporate’ in the concept of corporate identity can be perceived as unrelatable and even intimidate SMEs. However, it must be saidthat some aspects of the concept are relevant and may also apply to SMEs. Because SMEs, like larger companies, need to consider not only how they present themselves to the public, but also how they are perceived by them. In the context of SMEs, it may be the missing element to replace corporate identity with company identity that can improve the ability to relate to the concept.


Why is corporate identity important?


Corporate identity plays a significant role in the efforts to create a consistent internal and external image. Striving for consistency and coherence in your communication is the way to build a strong CI and establish more effective interactions with your customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Furthermore, a consistent and clear CI will help brand recognition and differentiate you from your competitors. This will ultimately give your brand a competitive edge. Moreover, a strong CI will also affect your brand image: If your company's CI is well-defined and consistent, it will give you a much better insight into how the company's credibility is perceived by your customers.


Build a strong corporate identity


Complianty can help you build a strong corporate identity through [1] brand compliance and/or [2] data conversion. 


[1] Brand compliance helps you create and maintain a more consistent look across platforms and locations. This ultimately helps your customers remember and differentiere differentiate your business from your competitors. 


[2] Data conversion helps you in your internal and external communication by "translating" data from your external customers and suppliers. Furthermore, Complianty can also ensure that the internal data flow parts your company flows smoothly.

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