What is digital transformation?

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What is digital transformation? 


The term digital transformation covers the integration of digital technology, inbecome partsof a companyDigital transformation thus involves changes in the way your company operates,as well as the value that the company delivers to customda. 

Why is digital transformation important?


Today, marketing strategies are very comprehensive, as the customer's user journey includes everything from visiting websites from the smartphone to shopping on the laptop on Black Friday. The essence here is that the customer does not stick to one brand:: the customer switches from app to app and from brand to brand. This behaviour often results in many brands struggling to stay competitive, which is why they begin to rethink their strategies. 


This is where digital transformation comes into play as it requires a strategic, integrated approach that allows all internal systems and workflows to talk to each other in a way that ensures an individual user journey. Companies that have embarked on digital transformation are experiencing increased engagement and loyalty. The customer thus sets the agenda. To ensure a better customer experience, it is important to understand who the customer exactly is. 


How can Complianty help you with your digital transformation?


Digital transformation is very much about creating coherence in every nook and cranny of your business. This is where Complianty comes into the picture. Complianty can help you create coherence in various platforms, files and systems. In short, Complianty can help you and your business with digital transformation by optimising your workflows.

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