What is a brand book?

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What is a brand book?

Do you want to create a strong brand partsdentity? Then creating brand book and style internal are essential to ensure that your brand has a consistent look på tværs af alle kanaler.


A brand book allows you to gather your brand values while presenting the visuals of your brand. A brand book is a powerful marketing tool that ensures that your business appears credible to your customers. You can also consider it as a brand guideline or brand manual.. 


A brand book consists of the following elements: 

  • Logo 
  • Colour palette 
  • Font and typographyparts 
  • Tone of voice 
  • Design 

Why do you need a brand book?


If we look at the largest companies in the world, they have a consistent expression on their marketing materials - no matter what platform they use. This can be traced back to a well-defined brand book. 


Having consistency in colour, font, voice and logo across different marketing platforms gives your audience an impression of professionalism, and it builds a sense of credibility in your business and your brand. Moreda from internal communication to national/global advertising, a well-written brand book also gives your employees something to rely on.


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