What is an API?

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What is an API?


API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. API is an interface that can make two different types of software talk to each other. In this way, a common “language” can be created via an API, regardless of which “language” the programs are otherwise written in. This means, for example, that two different ERP-systemssuch as SAP and Navision can interact.


Why is an API relevant to you?


An API solution is beneficial for many SMEs and larger companies as it allows you to use of many different systems and applications. Likewise, it also allows you to transfer various types of data customised to your system. Thus, there are plenty of ways in which an API solution can optimise your workflow. 


With this solution, you can, for example, schedule meetings in other people's calendars. You can also automatically exchange accounting data. Additionally, you can have automatic communication between two systems, such as CRM-systemsthat rely on product data. You don’t need to manually adjust data for your system. All this and much more is something an API can do for you.  


A well-defined interfacecreates a more efficient workflow. It is more often that there is a need to gather data and connect several systems with one other. 


How can Complianty help you?


An API solution can save you many hours of work, in the long run. That said, there is a big difference in how well an API works. One thing is for sure though: If your company has a well-defined API, your company will also find it much easier to succeed. 


This is where Complianty comes into the picture. We can help you get the right API solution for your specific needs. 


You can already learn more today by trying our free demo here.