Local Branding

Local Branding

Produce local and compliant branding materials on SoMe
Consistent format – different content


We give yourlocal departments option to edit on predefined templates so that it gets a local touch while still being consistent with the brand. This ultimately ensures a closer connection to your local customers on social medias. 

Different levels of access


We allow you to decide and control how much a given employee from the local department has access to edit in a particular file. Permissions are managed in levels by you.  

Increasing the value in your local departments


 We increase the value of your local departments and help you gain an overview of the local departments: Now, your employees know what parts of the template they have the freedom to edit before they make a post on SoMe.

Provide flexibility to your local departments


Allowing your employees to add content to posts and advertisementscreates the flexibility and ownership to adjust to local environments.

Local departments can order in-store materials


We make it easier for local departments to order in-store materials needed. Hence, allowing an easy and fast way to order in-store materials, which at the same time is in faith with the company brand.

Push to different platforms


We make sure that your company can post its material on any SoMe platform.





This is how Local Branding works

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