What is omnichannel?

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What is omnichannel?


The word "Omni" originates from Latin and means "everywhere". The essence of omnichannel is to create the best and most coherent customer experience across channels. When the customer comes in contact with the company through e.g. customer support, you must always register in a system that plays with the company's other systems.  


Why is omnichannel communication relevant to you?


When you use omnichannel, communication is tailored to people's actual behaviours. This creates a cohesive customer experienceSpecifically, this means that some customers receive information physically via email, while others receive it digitally via email: This is all a result based on the customer's previous user behaviour or self-selected preferences.


Today, you can’t just communicate via one channel to all customers. We are all different and have different preferences as to how we would like to receive information from companies. With omnichannel, you let the customer decide where they want to receive their communication - whether it is physical or digital. 


How can Complianty help you with digital communication?


With Complianty, you get the opportunity to optimise the user experience, because we bring the customer to the centre and let data flow freely between all channels. 


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